Homeopathy can help adults in many ways and is excellent in the treatment of children. Regulations prevent me from describing more fully the scope of what can be done. If you would like to talk about your complaint and how I think I might be able to help please either ring or email me. My contact details are below.

Homoeopathy enables people to live their lives to the full, restoring health simply,naturally and effectively. It supports both adults and children in their everyday lives, helping them deal with the stress and subsequent illnesses of a fast paced and rapidly changing world. Every consultation is tailored to the needs of the individual.

About Me

For over thirty years I have been practising Homeopathy in Bath, treating a wide variety of ailments in both adults and children. During that time I have continued to develop my understanding of Homeopathy, health and disease, studying and working with the leading figures of the day. Being with my patients to find the remedy to help them never ceases to be exciting and creative for me. For over thirty years I have taught Homeopathy in colleges and in seminars in the UK, Europe. USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


The first consultation lasts for an hour and a half to enable me to understand fully your deeper symptoms. This is the time for you to talk about your complaints and the effect on your life. It is also the time for me to gather all the information I require to find your remedy. I am available for consultations via Skype


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Rosie Jackson - Poet

The cost is £10 including postage and packaging. Please contact me via email